How to Plan a Kids Unicorn Birthday Party

Hey Mamas!

For my family, the month of June is full of so much stuff going on! Firstly, my 20 something-ish birthday is coming around so fast...I literally do not know how to deal! But the main headliner is Heaven's 4th birthday party and geez I wanted to throw her a nice birthday party with her friends this year but who knew it would be so much to handle.

Here is how I planned my toddler's Unicorn Birthday Party for less than $500 in just a week and a half:

1. Find a Location/Venue (Cost: $276.00)

The best way to find a location is the good old friend Google. I literally just typed in birthday parties for kids in Atlanta and so many places popped up. After cyphering through all of the amazing and some expensive events, I found this really cool, reservation only indoor playground for Heaven and all of her friends to run around and let out all of their energy. Initially, I only planned for 6 kids (including Heaven) to attend but after sending out the reservations 10 kids have RSVP which was the beginning of me feeling overwhelmed but...with a little help from my mother and party planning aunt, we got it together. Also, the party package I ordered came with a two free 16" pizza with 16 slices which was perfect for all of the kiddos and adults to have for the party.

If you are in the Atlanta area, I would suggest HippoHopp Peachtree Corners. They are a new location and the place allows your kids to stay and play even after the party is over.

2. Pick a Birthday Theme

Obviously, your child should have some sort of input but I knew what Heaven wanted...#UnicornEverything The best places to look for unicorn party inspiration was the big helper Pinterest. I created a Unicorn Birthday Pinterest board and have been pinning away ever check that out below if you're looking for a little Unicorn Party inspiration:

3. Order your Unicorn Birthday Cake (Cost: $30.00)

After watching a few YouTube videos, I went ahead and hyped myself up to order an 8in all white round sheet cake as plain as can be and DIY the unicorn swirls myself. The cake cost me $19.99 from Publix and I also found on Amazon this pretty cool Unicorn Topper with these Unicorn Horn, Ear and eyelashes. We also bought three premade vanilla Pillsbury filled pastry bags and added food coloring to make the pastel colors for the swirls.

4. Goodie Bags/Party Favors (Cost: $30.00)

I think getting the party favor bags were the easiest of them all. I shopped the gift bags from 5 below and added several nick nats like unicorn stickers, unicorn Fruit Rollups, Unicorn fruit snacks, pink and blue dollar tree bubbles for both boys/girls and also I had special unicorn headbands for the girls from Amazon.

5. Create a Kids Playlist

Shoutout to Hubs for creating our 45-minute kid's music playlist simply by creating it through youtube. Of course, we couldn't forget the Disney favorites, Heaven's favorite Old Town Road and the universal "Baby Shark". He even included some old songs for the adults with a little kids-bop twist to keep it kid-friendly.

6. Send the Invitation (Free)

The Invitation was the easiest for me since I have experience as a graphic designer. To save on cost I wanted to make e-vites or internet invitations which I could text over and quickly get RSVPs from everyone. I used my favorite app Over which can be downloaded from the app store and took from several unicorn theme designs to create this invitation. I would also recommend using Canva if your new to design and want something super simple to send as e-vites. If you just want to go the traditional way then you can easily find some cool Unicorn invitations printed from Amazon like these cute invitations.

7.  Get the Birthday Outfit (Cost: $16.00)

Because I went all out for everything else, why not take it the extra step and make your little unicorn the perfect outfit. Heaven's Unicorn Birthday outfit came with her own special unicorn headband that made her stand out with a matching rainbow tutu skirt which brought the entire look altogether. We simply paired it with a plain white tee and glitter sneakers perfect for the birthday occasion for the birthday girl.

8. DIY Photobooth Backdrop (Cost: $25.00)

This was the easiest thing to create since I own my own backdrop stand. I just added my plain white backdrop and cut two eyelashes from a .97 cent black poster board I bought from Walmart. I also bought a helium tank with rainbow balloons we added to the top of the unicorn eyelashes to create a ballon halo which was perfect to complete the simple Unicorn Photobooth Backdrop. What do you think?

9. Unicorn Snack Bar (Cost: $130.00)

As you see from my Pinterest board, I saw some really fun ways to make Unicron snacks and rainbow cupcakes by using simply Little Bites Party Cakes. We just added leftover icing we had from doing our DIY cake swirls and other fun snacks like chocolate covered pretzel sticks, chocolate covered Rice Krispies. My aunt also pitched in and bought a dozen each of these cool Unicorn dipped Oreo cookies and Unicorn truffle cake pops from 1-800-Baskets which came on time since canceling cookie order earlier that week. Everything came out great and they were a great hit with the kids. Additional to the Snack bar, I bought some table covers, rainbow plates, unicorn plates and unicorn napkins all for less than $5.00 each which was perfect in the budget.

10. Take Pictures

As a photographer, I stay will my camera on my hip. Even though I didn't get as much behind the scenes footage, I am always snapping away with either my Nikon DSLR camera or my iPhone. I am so glad I had my camera prepared and charged the night before because I was able to get these great shots and memories that we can always go back and revisit.

Overall, the party was a hit, from me breaking down to breaking the bank we spent a total of $500 for everything including the venue, snacks, goodie bags, cake, outfits...everything!

Also, special thanks to my family and friends for helping me out because your girl was going completely nuts...but we got it all together and the lesson learned from this party is...PLAN YOUR PARTY AT LEAST A MONTH IN ADVANCE! Trust me...this is at least eliminate the break down lol.

Also, check out the full video of Heaven's Birthday Party on my IGTV now and make sure to follow me at @MrsPayneBranding on Instagram!

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