10 Ways to Spice Up Your Date Night

After 9 years of being together and almost 4 years of being married, I've learned that it is super important to keep the relationship fresh simply by dating consistently.

I asked my friends on Instagram how often do they date in their marriage. Some were like me and mentioned that they only got out to date every couple of months while others mentioned every week. That was my husband and I just a few weeks ago.

Since we do not have a lot of family here in Atlanta, the only times we were able to get out of the house and date without the kids would be when the girl's grandmas popped into town. Even though I felt like my husband and I have great communication, I felt as though our lives were moving so quickly that were we forgetting about building us outside of the kids, working, and paying bills. Since my mom has moved here, there has been a drastic change in our marriage when we do date night now.

Here are 10 husband-approved tips to spice up your date night:

 1. Take a Staycation

Hubs and I have been taking more staycation. How do we staycation? We book the nicest hotel on a great deal of course and pack for a night or two. We love staycations because we get time to get away but we are still close to home just in case if we might need to run an errand or so for the girls. If you live in a large city like myself, then I highly recommended staying at the hotel no more than 20-35 minutes from your house. Personally, it just makes it easier us to leave the house to get to the hotel in a decent amount of time after we put the kids to bed and still have time to enjoy each other for the night.

2. Get Adventurous

 I love when my husband and I go on random dates either during the day or at night. During the day, we love to shop (which we never do much for ourselves) or get active like riding the e-bikes on the beltline. I love being a big kid with my husband and even doing something adventurous like go-karts or even adult bowling and Jenga. But if your looking to turn an innocent game of Uno to strip poker then the next idea is for you!

3. Foreplay and Couples Games

Now let's not act like we're not adults here with kids...Sex is super important in marriage! It all starts with knowing what your marriage love language is. For myself, our love language starts with a conversation but I'm also a very touchy person. I like to spice things up in my marriage with some lingerie, adult couples games, music, and drinks. I also like to get ideas from my married girlfriends and they give me some new tricks. Sometimes we also take a trip to the novelty store just to see what we can grab to spice things up in the bedroom.

4. Drive-In Movies & Picnics

Movies are our thing at home...we love a good Netflix and chill. But for date night outside of the home, drive-in movies are so classic. Pack a bag full of snacks and drinks, grab a few blankets and get cozy under the stars while watching a movie at the drive-through. Honestly, this is the perfect 2-in-1 date night because drive-in movies turn into picnics and laughter.

5. Get Your Dance On

 Its been a while since hubs and I have gone to the club...gosh really since college! We are not a fan of going to the club anymore and that's not the environment! But we do love going out to a nice jazz bar and listen to good music. Live music is a different vibe from a DJ at a club and honestly, that's the only time I can get hubs to dance on the dance floor. So dress up, get out, grab a drink and dance the night away.

6. Laugh It Out

Okay...I know I just said that we do not go to clubs...but we love to laugh! I find humor somewhat sexy and why not have a date night during the week or weekend to a comedy club. Laughing is always a good way to connect and get out the negative vibes. Sometimes comedians tend to say what your thinking and we probably were not able to laugh it off then but comedy night is just that! Laugh together and grabbing a couple of drinks always makes for a great date night.

7. Take A Dip

During our staycations, hubs and I love to take a late-night dip in the pool or jacuzzi. Don't worry about your hair for this one ladies...remember it suppose to be spontaneous. I know for some, myself included, you are not getting wet and you just got your hair done. Then skip out on the late-night dip and make a sexy bubble bath scene with candles and rose pedals. I love to add lavender bath salt just extra scents and place my phone on the Bluetooth to get the vibe going.

8. Couples Yoga

I know it sounds different because it is. Trust...It was hard to convince hubs to do some yoga with me but when he agrees I'm holding him to his word. While yoga is one thing...couples yoga, on the other hand, is a bit more intimate and sexual. There is a lot of touching going on and its the perfect ice breaker to the real thing. Plus you can use a few of those flexible moves you learned in the bedroom after your day date. 

9. Paint and Sip

 Booking a date night of painting and BYOB is always a great mix to spice up the relationship. I love getting creative and having a conversation. Although hubs and I always make fun of each others art, we love to find new ways to let loose and just live in the moment.

10. Morning After Quickie

Now let's keep it real. There have been times when hubs and I go out and plan on having this nice romantic date night and then once we get the drinks flowing...we fall asleep until the next morning. Hey...it has happened to us before but just because its the morning time doesn't mean that you can get in a quickie before you have to check out at 12.

Marriage isn't easy but dating helps with reconnecting and restarting a fresh week. Now that Hubs and I have been able to get out the house every week or weekend, what are some date night ideas you like to do to spice up your marriage! Also if you aren't following me on Instagram make sure to click here and head over to join me in the comments.

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