15 Kid-Friendly Halloween Activities To Do At Home

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Heaven has been asking about Halloween and last year we did Halloween at home because I was pregnant with Harmony. Well..this year Heaven has been asking more about Halloween and although I want to join in on the Halloween festivities, the weather here in Atlanta is reporting rain (which hubby is somehow excited about). Anyways...I am excited to share my list of kid-friendly Halloween ideas you can do at home whether your kids are too young or having rainy weather like myself.

1. Halloween Snacks

I recently posted on my Instagram a quick kid-friendly Halloween cookie DIY for a partnership with Little Bites. I like their NEW limited edition Mini Chocolate Chip cookies, we made some cute Frankinestin and Jack-o-lantern pumpkins with some cookie icing, sprinkles, eyeball candy, and pencil.

2. Binge Watch Halloween Movies

Our family loves binge-watching movies especially with Halloween snacks made. Kids enjoy watching the Halloween themed movies or you can take it back to the classics like Charlie Brown movie, Monsters Inc, and Hotel Transylvania.

3. Make Monster Slime

Heaven loves to create slime and we did a cool activity making slime. To make your slime check out our recent activity on my Instagram highlights. You can make it scary by adding plastic spiders, or googly eyeballs.

4. Paper Bag Puppet Show

I love the idea of getting crafty and you can easily do this with a few markers, glue, scissors and construction paper. My girls love when we do puppet shows and for this, you each can create your own monster puppet with the craft paper. We also like to play popcorn when we tell the story that way we each can get a turn and work together to create a cool story.

5. Pumpkin Ring Toss

Why not use those pumpkins you already have and set up a fun game of pumpkin ring toss with your family. You can create paper circle rings from construction paper, glow stick necklaces or use what you have in the home. The kids will enjoy it and you won't have to worry about these paper rings flying throw your hoss breaking things just to have a little indoor fun for Halloween.

6. Play Dress Up

Don't worry about your Halloween costumes going to waste, you can still rock them indoors with a dress-up party. You can even make this even more fun by writing down the articles of clothing and picking them out of the hat randomly.

7. Play Tic Tac Toe

This is easy to do with just cheap toys from the dollar store. You can buy two different color bags of toy spiders or even gummy worms and draw a board with construction paper. It very little clean up and a great filler to your Halloween night at home.

8. Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt

Make your own escape room style scavenger hunt with your family at home by using Halloween themed props around the house. Use flashcards to leave clues behind each mystery and you can even make it match similar episodes like shows you can play on your tv like scooby doo as a road map for your little kids.

9. Mystery Bowl

I use to play this as a child and thought this was the hardest game ever. All you need is a blindfold or sleep mask to cover your eyes and a couple dollar fish bowls. Capture the moment of your kids playing these games thinking a bowl of spaghetti noodles are worms.

10. Spooky Stories

This is a super popular oldie but a goodie! Grab a large sheet and make a tent, turn off the lights and shine your flashlight while you tell your scary story to your kids. It’s the easiest to do and is a perfect way to end your night of indoor Halloween fun.

11. Pin the Bones on the Skeleton 

I love the idea of getting creative and learning at the same time. You can easily download bones printable and use sticky tacks to hold it all together. You can also get the other items needed at any dollar store like the black poster board and white construction paper. Or you can also check your local teacher's supply store for a roll of black paper. I use this as a multi-purpose paper for these types of activities and for your YouTube background.

12. Mummy Makeover Facial Wraps

Why wouldn't you want to be relaxed on your chill night in for Halloween? My oldest daughter loves spa activities so with this activity, you can use egg whites and strips of paper towels to create your Mummy facial wraps. This is a great way to sneak in your DIY egg wash face mask with your little ghouls. Also, this mummy makeover is great for removing blackheads and if you add a little raw honey to add extra moisture/shine to your skin.

13. Hot Chocolate with Melting Ghost Marshmallows

For those cold Halloween nights in, you can make some chocolate milk with marshmallows. To make it extra special you can use the jumbo marshmallows and draw a ghost face using an edible food marker. In the hot cocoa, top it with some whipped cream and your creative Ghost Marshmallows.

14. Mummy Hotdogs

I've been seeing these going around and thought this would be a cool meal to create for your Halloween night in. Grab a can of crescent rolls and wrap your hot dogs' mummy style. Place them in the oven until the crescents are golden brown or to your liking and serve. You can also use candy eyeballs or little dots of ketchup/mustard for the eyes just to take these scary dogs to the next level.

15. Halloween Bath Bombs

Last but not least, you can end your night of indoor Halloween fun with cool Halloween bath bombs. You can purchase some cool ones at different places like 5 below or you can make your own with your little ghouls with just a few ingredients, some of which you may already have in your kitchen: baking soda, citric acid, a couple drops of essential oils and gel food coloring. You can also add the candy eyeballs or bury a few plastic spiders for a scary surprise for the kiddos.

So I hope you enjoyed this lost for sun kid-friendly activities to do at home for your Halloween night in. Leave a comment below on your favorites that you've tried with your kiddos or even some other ideas you think should be on this list. And if you are not following me on Instagram make sure to do so I can follow you, sis!

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