5 Apps To Edit Photos & Videos on Your Phone

Hey yall hey! So I've been overwhelmed a lot lately with so many DM's asking me which apps do I use to edit my photos. I would totally answer in a heartbeat but I was hesitant to write a blog about it because there were so many blogs out there with the different apps...but yall keep telling me to just tell y'all the details and since I haven't posted a tech post in a while I thought why freaking not!

So to make this blog a little different than others out there, I wanted to specifically talk about all of my favorite apps that I use for both my photos and videos! Yes, hunty...so let's get into it, shall we!

1. Photoshop Fix
So as a graphic designer, I think that this app is the easiest to use because it is so straight forward. If your a beginner this app is amazing for you as well because you will get the basic introduction to photoshop and how to make a few quick edits to your photos. I love to use the exposure to brighten my images, play with the shadows and highlights but my favorite tool on this app is the healing tool which I like to use the spot tool or clone tool to make any quick fixes any size, large or small, to my image.

2. Facetune 2
So my second favorite app which I love to use and have talked about before on my eyebrow challenge youtube video is Facetune. I love using this app because it not only has a black and white tool that I can use to change the image but it has a whitening tool to brighten any white areas. I literally feel in love with this tool when I did my denim maternity shoot. I took the picture indoors against my dingy white wall when we were living in our apartment and bam! Honey...the difference literally speaks for itself.

3. Over
So my all-time favorite app is Over because you can easily add graphics to your photos and videos at once. If I'm creating a quick graphic I love to design it in Over and easily replaces the need to sit down at my computer and open Adobe Photoshop. I recently used it in my brand collaboration on my IG Stories with Johnson's Curl Defining line. It is almost just as detailed as Adobe Photoshop without a few things like removing the background but you know I have a solution for that.

4. Magic Eraser
Speaking of removing the background, the Magic Eraser app does this for me so easily. I love that you can make a quick edit to remove the background...again without having to have Adobe Photoshop. Just pinch and take your time and the image will be a .png file in minutes...literally! Again those .pngs from my brand collaboration on my IG Stories with Johnson's Curl Defining Line were from using the Magic Eraser app.

5. Mojo
And finally...the Mojo app is new and is here to stay! When I tell you I searched high and low for this app specifically I looked everywhere. I kept seeing some of my favorite bloggers use this app and I was wondering how were they getting there words to write across the screen. Now I know that you can do this type of thing in the KeyNote app which is also a favorite but it takes a lot of time to get those animations and fonts are limited so Mojo is my new go-to! I used the Mojo app several times on my Instagram and my IG stories so make sure you go and check those out as well.

Also if your looking to get even more creative with your graphics, I highly suggest you downloading fonts from sites like DaFont.com or FontSquirrel.com to add more details to your graphics.

If you know any other apps that you love to edit your photos fast or even question, drop them below in the comments and don't forget to follow me on Instagram @MrsPayneBranding!

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