How to Create Video Content When Working With Brands

Hey, girl hey! for my people who DM me constantly on IG, I truly want to dedicate this post to you because you guys bring me so much joy when you ask me questions about How I Create My Videos!

Truth is...I get asked all the time how do you work with brands, what do you use to shoot your videos, how do you edit your content and though I have answered this question here and there on my IG stories and some on my IGTV...I wanted to create this blog post specifically for those to reference back in-depth on what I do when I create video content for brands.

1. Review the guidelines

I know this may be simple but its really REALLY important. I have learned this the hard way of creating videos and have gone to submit my draft to the brand just to realized that I missed a major guideline. This not only pushes the time back for meeting my deadline but there have been times where I've had to reshoot everything all over! 

Know IDK about yall but my schedule is already jammed packed and then to add a reshoot is such a headache especially if you have to meet a really tight deadline. Most of the time the posting guidelines and brand requirements are straightforward with many brands listing what they want such as:

• Formats (Portrait or Landscape)
• Location or Settings
• Suggested Themes
• Product Angles (Closeup on product or hands and pans) 
• Timeframe/Length of Video
• Brand Colors
• Attire (No logos from other brands)

While I have experienced other requests from the brand, the guidelines listed above are the most common that I have received and I take the time to really read thoroughly when conceptualizing the type of video I plan to shoot. 

2. Find Inspiration

This is a huge part of the planning process because doing the research is so important. Personally, I like to start this process by looking at different ads created by the brand and by other content creators. I even have a saved album of different categories from posts I go back to reference for nearly everything. This is like creating a storyboard or mood board for your video and the best place to go for inspiration is Pinterest and also Instagram. YouTube is also another great place to reference for video inspiration especially if your doing research on the style of videos to create, effects to use, and angles to take during your shoot.

Also when you're looking for inspiration, keep an eye open for props that can be added to the video but not take away from the product you may be shooting. In my Colgate video, I knew that I would have to tell a story for my normal night routine so adding the toothbrush to brush my teeth and my glasses are little props that give a little more detail to my storyline when creating my video. 

3. Video Equipment

So let's talk video equipment really quick...I firstly want to say it does not cost a lot at all to get the right equipment to shoot a video. Many people I know have the basics and are still able to produce really good video content simply from their phone, a tripod, and a ring light. Yes, there is really no excuse for why you can't start because the purpose is to grow and later on invest in yourself. 

Now if your at the invest in yourself phase and are interested in shoot indoors with little to no lighting gthem I would highly suggest using similar equipment that I have which is a DSLR, softboxes, ring light, and tripod. I have listed below the exact equipment I use on a daily basis when I shoot my videos:

Also, check out my IGTV video I did a while back on how I shot my hands and pans video for a collaboration with Bush Baked Beans. This video is perfect for those interested in food blogging or/and overhead photography.

4. Edit, Edit, Edit

Now that you have your raw footage, it is time to throw it into your editing software, add some music if required, or even lighten up your video. If my video is longer than 5 minutes, most of the time I use Adobe Premiere because the program allows me to add special effects, voiceovers, music and more to spruce up my video. However, when I need to make quick edits I typically use two apps, Over and Filmmaker Pro. These apps make it super easy for me to format, trim, add some quick transitions, voiceover by using my headphones and even lighten my video if it is too dark. Check out my recent post on How to Edit your Images and Video using Apps on your Phone. So...Once I edit my video to my liking, I submit my draft to the brand and usually get the approval to post on the posting date. 

Click here to check out my IGTV videos or watch below to see how I created my video post for my brand collaboration with Colgate:

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